Panda Express Fundraiser – September 1, 2023

[Image Desc: A flyer with red and white background. A picture of different Panda Express food dishes in takeout red containers. On top shows GLAD, CODIE, BGLAD, TCGLAD, OCDEAF logos. On bottom, a red button with text “Order New” with fundraiser code ” 916361″ to enter in the box.]

Hello everyone! GLAD, CODIE, BGLAD, TCGLAD and OC DEAF are hosting a fundraising event with Panda Express on Friday, September 1, 2023!

Anyone can order online for either pickup or delivery ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!

Make sure you order pickup or delivery only through Panda Express app on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Not available for dine-in. If you don’t have the app, no problem.

You can download “Panda Express” app on your mobile phone and sign up to create your new account. You enter code 916361 in the “Fundraiser Code” box when ordering checkout.

Your support will make an impact to all of deaf agencies and your donation will make a difference by providing quality services for our deaf* communities in Southern California.


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