Deaf Community Center

The Deaf Community Center building was constructed in 1927. It is located in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles. The building was formerly home to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) until 1993. People from all over the world visit the building because of its history and unique architecture.


After GLAD purchased the building, it was renamed the Deaf Community Center in 1994. The inside of the building has been renovated to become an example of a Deaf-friendly environment. Most of the original architecture still remains.

Affordable Housing for Deaf Seniors

The Deaf Community Center is home to the Deaf Affordable Housing Corporation (DAHC). DAHC is a GLAD program that provides affordable housing to low-income deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf disabled seniors over the age of 55. All units are currently occupied. Click the button below to apply for the waitlist.

Facility Rental

The Deaf Community Center was built for the Los Angeles Deaf community to use. It has many rooms suitable for events, meetings, and workshops. Deaf organizations and groups are not charged to use the facilities. Members of the community often have lunch in the cafeteria.

Because of the building’s unique architecture, the building is often used for filming. The numerous rooms and wide open grounds provide film companies the ease of setting up and separating different departments.

Request a Tour

In-person tours of the Deaf Community Center and GLAD’s services are available upon request.


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