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Mozzeria Launches Mobile Pizzeria; Wood-Burning Oven Trolley On Multi-State Tour

Mozzeria Launches Mobile Pizzeria; Wood-Burning Oven Trolley On Multi-State Tour

3228 16TH ST (@ Guerrero)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103-3335
Email: info@mozzeria.com

Mozzeria Launches Mobile Pizzeria
Wood-Burning Oven Trolley On Multi-State Tour

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 17 October 2014 – Mozzeria, a pizzeria located in the Mission District since 2011, has launched a Mobile Neapolitan Pizzeria. A wood-burning oven is built into this custom food truck with a self-contained kitchen.

This unique mobile pizzeria resembles the trolley trams that San Francisco is known for. After participating in a number of street festivals and receiving increased catering orders, this mobile pizzeria complements the restaurant’s offerings. With this increased capability, Mozzeria is now able to offer full on and off site catering with a larger wood-burning oven.

Mozzeria built its reputation on its gourmet pizzas. A custom-built Stefan Ferraro oven is the center of focus in their restaurant which uses fresh ingredients including Mozzerella diBufalo imported from Italy’s Campanie Region. Its wood-burning oven goes up to 1,000 degrees cooking pizzas as fast as 90 seconds. “The process only enhances taste of the pizza,” says co-owner Melody Stein, “people come back to try out the many different pizzas offered at Mozzeria.”

In March 2014, Mozzeria received certification from Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), an organization based in Naples, Italy during a ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. The AVPN president states that Mozzeria is the first Deaf-owned pizzeria to obtain AVPN certification.

Mozzeria is owned by Melody & Russell Stein, who are Deaf. “The Steins have shown their dedication to great food. They take their pizzas seriously and we recognize that,” says James W. Meisser, President and CEO of Hiawatha National Bank in Glenwood City, WI who arranged funding for the purchase. “As a deaf person myself, I am acutely aware of the communication difficulties faced navigating financial waters. Their success makes me so proud and more committed than ever to provide opportunities for other deaf entrepreneurs to understand their options and to break down barriers.”

The mobile pizzeria kicked off in St. Augustine on October 17. This “Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria Tour” will travel through Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and California. Tour Sponsors are Deaf-owned or Deaf-centric entities: Convo, H3 Network Media Alliance, Sprint Relay and TCS Associates. Their website, Mozzeria.com will list stops they make in each state and chronicle their journey until it arrives in its new home base in San Francisco.

MEDIA CONTACT: David Rosenbaum
Email: media@mozzeria.com
Tel. 201-228-9462

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Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria

Tour Sponsors

In 2009, Convo was founded by a small group of Deaf people who wanted to experience natural and effortless conversations through VRS (Video Relay Service). Convo’s technologies are designed by a Deaf/signing team who have authentic understanding of how to transcend auditory systems for a better visual experience. As a Deaf-owned and Deaf-operated company, Convo continues to push for the Deaf community’s ownership in how they want to experience their lives in the US. www.convorelay.com

H3 Network Media Alliance

H3 Network Media Alliance is an internet media network broadcasting video shows in International Sign. With different sign languages around the world, H3 provides programming on news, culture, sports, entertainment and instructional series so Deaf people can participate globally and be part of these activities. Deaf people in 140+ countries currently view H3 programming on www.H3world.tv
Sprint Relay

Sprint is the largest and most technologically advanced TRS provider in the nation with more than 24 years of experience in providing relay services to persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or have a speech disability to communicate with hearing persons on the phone. Sprint Relay provides intrastate relay services for 30 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the federal government, and the country of New Zealand. Sprint also provides internet-based Captioned Telephone services, IP Relay and Accessibility Packs to all U.S. states and territories. Sprint’s experience in this field assures Sprint Relay users receive quality service regardless of the type of relay service they are using. Sprint’s relay service is available 24/7/365 with no restrictions on the number of calls placed or calls length. For more information, visit www.sprintrelay.com.

TCS Associates

TCS Associates, a Deaf-Woman-Owned Company, has become the nation’s leader in providing interpreting services and accessibility and workflow automation solutions for individuals and entire organizations. TCS specializes in Assistive Technology, and Interpreting Services. Being a Deaf-Woman-Owned business, TCS is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges that are associated with developing and providing accessible solutions within organizations because we are composed of the very individuals who utilize and provide the same services. As such, we possess the inherent capability of realistically evaluating and developing accessible solutions from the perspective of the target audience – people with disabilities. www.tcsassociates.com