GLADly Chat | Episode 9

Episode 9 of GLADly Chat is coming soon. Tune in on Tuesday, January 30 featuring Shezad Nawab for January’s theme of “Deaf Business Founder Journey”. Don’t miss it.

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GLADly Chat Episode 9

Image description and transcript:

GLADly Chat: January 2024 Transcript 

[SLIDE: Tell me about yourself.] 

Hello, my name is Shezad Nawab MBE  

I am from the United Kingdom, specifically England.  

I know six sign languages:  

British Sign Language  

American Sign Language 

South African Sign Language  

Moroccan Sign Language  

Arabic Sign Language  

International Sign Language  

I have received several awards in business  

and I had the privilege of being honored by King Charles 

as a Member of the Order of the British Empire.  

What is the significance of being honored as a Member of Order of the British Empire? Being recognized for contributions to business and other services. –  


[SLIDE: What is your business?] 

My business is ICE Ventures.  

My goal is to train individuals to prepare for investment in business. 

It is like Shark Tank, a popular TV show  

It shows different types of investments by answering questions  

on developing the business idea and how to borrow money  

for your products or services and how to make money.  

I train people how to get ready to pitch to the investors.  


[SLIDE: What products and/ or services do you provide?] 

I provide several different services.  

Let’s narrow down the services I provide.  

  1. Business/management consulting 
  1. International speaker  
  1. Interim Executive Director  
  1. Author 

I want to show you the book titled “Born Deaf to be MBE”  

This story is about growing up, how I became an entrepreneur by writing about ups and downs of a business.  


[SLIDE: What was your experience as a business founder/owner?] 

How many years of experience do you think I have?  

Nineteen years of experience  

I have many experiences like 

starting and running small medium size business (SME)  

business planning 



giving presentations  


sharing knowledge about profit and not for profit  

How I became independent and own a business plus many more. 


[SLIDE: Share one or two challenges you experienced?] 

One difficult challenge  

I remember when I tried my best to communicate as an entrepreneur  

without a sign language interpreter.  

There was a communication barrier 

and I resorted to using writing and a pen as a communication method.  

I tried to communicate with people more clearly 

and make the process easier.  


[SLIDE: Share a person who inspires you or inspiration quote] 

I was about 10 years old when my father inspired me.  

My father could communicate using sign language but  

not professionally but used home sign language to communicate. 

It was interesting my father could sign.  

Wow – 

I was very impressed and surprised.  

I had a question for my father about how to become rich?  

My father was surprised with my question  

thinking it could be a problem and would pose challenges in communication.  

However, I was determined to learn about business by working in my father’s business  

and for about 15 years I worked with 

my father on postal office stamps 

but didn’t have to deal directly with people by working behind the scenes.  

From this experience, I learned about business, gained knowledge, and built confidence.   

Thank you! 




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