ASL Day @ LA Clippers | April 7, 2024

Dear GLADiators:


Join GLAD for ASL Day at the LA Clippers game on Sunday, April 7, 2024, at 12:30 PM!

More information coming soon.

[Image Description: The flyer background has a blue gradient with darker blue dotted pattern on upper right, lower left and right corner areas. On top, the white text shows “SAVE THE DATE”. GLAD logo in top right corner. (Headshots of three LA Clippers players fade into blue and red in the background. At the center-right position, there is text reading “April 7, 2024,” a text box with “12:30 PM – AT CRYPTO.COM ARENA”, in center position shows the LA Clippers vs Cavaliers logos. Beneath these is a picture of search bar with the URL “” and a white arrow pointing at the end of the URL with the following text in black.]

Dear GLADiators:

ASL Day @ LA Clippers game this year in 2024! Here’s your chance to reserve your ticket(s) for this fundraising event for a fun day out while watching exciting game between LA Clippers vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game 

Ticket price: $52 per person.

Bringing children under ages 2 or under is FREE! 

Please enter qty of tickets if bringing your family and/or friends besides yourself so that way they don’t have to order online like everyone else. They will be seated with you in same row. 

If you have any questions, call us at 323-892-2112 Phone/VP or email to


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