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the championship rounds

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The Championship Rounds

About the Film

GLAD is the proud community partner for The Championship Rounds, the story of a young, deaf, African American boxer (James Deacon Jr.) and single father of a 6 month- old son whose life is against the ropes on the brink of homelessness.   After being stricken with tragedy, James receives an unlikely shot at redemption, and now his very survival is dependent on his faith and his decision to seize the moment.

Creative and Production Team

The Championship Rounds is a film written by M.D. Walton and directed by Daniel Stine. It is currently in pre-production, and will be shot once funds are raised.


Director: Daniel Stine

Writer/Creator/Producer: M.D. Walton

Producer: Derrex Brady

Producer: A.K. Murtadha

Line Producer: Emmy and DGA Award Winner: Sascha Schneider

First A.D.: Jay Zabriskie

Cast: Michael Spady, Harold Perrineau Jr., Peter Jae, Larry Gilliard Jr., Linden Ashby

Consultant: CJ Jones

Community Partners: Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD), Schenectady Youth Boxing

Media Sponsor:  TBA

Get Involved
The Championship Rounds
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Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign

The Championship Rounds film is being supported by From the Heart Productions as the fiscal sponsor (Tax ID # 95 444 5418).  All donations are tax deductible.

Updates from M.D. Walton

Dear Championship Rounds Supporters:

I wanted to wish all of our contributors a very Happy New Year. We started this campaign in mid-October. We’ve been able create incredible momentum with the project regarding a stellar cast (Harold Perrineau, Larry Gilliard, Michael Spady, Linden Ashby, Peter Jae), important community partnerships with non profit organizations The Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness and the Schenectady Youth Boxing Program. We have a media partnership with Purple Communications (http:/ It keeps growing.

We also have interest from Rutina Wesley from HBO’s True Blood and also have been in talks with Michael Buffer’s people regarding a Voiceover role.

I also recently held a benefit in my hometown of Schenectady NY for the film. The event was a great success (we had performances, a silent auction, presentations, food, beverages, etc. Schenectady Youth Boxing was there as well. We plan on giving a young boxer from this organization an opportunity to fly out to LA and be in the film. It was fulfilling to share the project in person with members of the community and at the same time aim to give back. I left inspired and others shared their inspiration for the project as well.

As you know, the toughest part of the filmmaking process is the funding. We appreciate your generosity and contributions. With 45 days left of the online campaign, we are trying to make a stellar push to expand our reach. I wanted to share some links with you re: press we’re getting. We’re looking to translate the enthusiasm into funding. Take a look at the below links and if you can please help us expand our net to the masses and help get people on board who you may think help this cause:

Media Coverage

Bazile talks about TCR’s Kickstarter Campaign

Article from ShadowandAct (INDIEWire)

Article from Boxing Website RING TV (scroll down)

Article from The Hollywood Official Website

M.D. Walton TCR Hometown December benefit

Interview with ASL Radio Host Keith Wann

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Debra Davis

History in the Making

We are striving to make this the first time ever in the history of feature length films on the MAINSTREAM level that a Deaf, African American Male actor (Michael Spady) plays the lead role.   There have been numerous actors/actresses who are deaf that have played a plethora of roles on the Independent feature and short film level. However, most of these films sadly go unrecognized.  We have garnered interest from different celebrities regarding starring in the film and creatively the momentum has been nonstop. NOW WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT…

*Our ultimate goal is to eventually shoot a Feature Film for 1.5 Million.  Currently, our plan is to raise initial funds, shoot and tour the festival circuit with this short version of the film, submitting to the prestigious Sundance, Cannes and Toronto Intl Film Festivals to name only a few.   We will leverage the short to gain attention and interest from distributors and production companies alike in hopes to develop the feature : similar to the journey of Half Nelson which starred Ryan Gosling (Academy Award Nomination), Anthony Mackie, and Shareeka Epps.   Half Nelson was the feature version of the short Gowanus, Brooklynwhich won best short picture at Sundance in 2004.  The Championship Rounds wishes to make a similar journey. We are extremely confident that this project will reach incredible heights.

*We will also take select footage from this short and create a sizzle reel to present to investors/companies.

*For investment opportunities and additional info regarding the feature, contact us at

Our current startup goal for filming/packaging  (Above the Line, Below The Line, Below the Line-Post) to get us off the ground  is$80,000.  The more funds, the better.    Your donations through IndieGoGo are VITAL and will help pay for all production elements such as equipment rentals, editing costs, cast and crew fees, locations, festival submissions,  travel, etc.    Without proper funding, our movie does not get made. Production value is high and due to the uniqueness of this concept, these funds will be integral to the process and also help launch our journey to the feature.

With the Immense Power of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogging, Message Boards, etc), the incredible effect of Word of Mouth Marketing and the uniqueness of this project on many levels, we believe that this is truly possible. That being said, we encourage everyone who views this page to take advantage of your social networks, make phone calls, write an email, post a status update, tweet it,  tell 5 to 10 friends to do the same…. SPREAD the WORD.

Take a look at our cool incentives to the right.  Some of these will take time (as our hands will be tied as the film develops, but we will certainly be contacting you to keep you informed regarding receipt.  There is also an option button to just simply donate without perks if you’d like.

YOU get to be a part of the journey with us from start to finish. YOUR HELP MEANS THE WORLD TO US! LET’S MAKE HISTORY TOGETHER. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Lead actor Michael Anthony Spady begins his training with Hall of Fame Trainer Freddie Roach (Manny Pacquiao’s trainer)