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Marcella M. Meyer Scholarship

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Marcella M. Meyer (1925-2009) played a huge role in history, within deaf and hard of hearing community.
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Marcella Mae Meyer aka MMM (1925-2009), First CEO of the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD)

After starting out as a volunteer CEO MMM became the paid CEO and spent her 24 years at GLAD as the courageous and tenacious “voice” and face of Los Angeles’s deaf community.

MMM used her position at GLAD as a platform to facilitate legislative and social change desperately needed for the betterment of the deaf community. Her steadfast determination, grit and distinguished means of unshakeable pulpit tactics were her signature and could be seen in the GLAD News magazine, with the general public and at council and staff meetings. She was the embodiment of unconventional wisdom and she was fueled by the philosophy: “Whatever happens in California, the rest of the nation will follow”

She had many victories including winning a legal battle for the right to sit on a jury. This accomplishment set a precedent for the rest of the nation. In addition, not only was she a champion of the deaf, she was a crusader for social justice and had the foresight to implement innovative and educational programs addressing such topics as domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, mental health and many more.

MMM’s legacy is far reaching and her programs live on here today and GLAD and within the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind communities. She is greatly missed and remembered fondly for her tenacity, strength and unwavering leadership.

MMM Bench Marcella M. Meyer Bench
Marcella M. Meyer
B. May 14, 1925 – D. May 26, 2009
CEO GLAD 1975-1998

Marcella has left her imprint
As we soar to new heights
Her legacy continues in each of us

An excerpt from the GLAD News magazine
upon Marcella M. Meyer’s retirement…
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