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#GLADlyGive 2017

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Jordan, a deaf tenant: Jordan received a notice from the manager about setting up a walkthrough for apartment maintenance. She didn’t understand the purpose. With advocate’s guidance, they reached out the manager for clarification. The advocate educated the manager to request for an ASL interpreter and eplained the steps to Jordan to prepare for the walkthrough. Both manager and Jordan were able to meet together with an interpreter for the walkthrough.

Ben, a deaf senior citizen: Ben wanted to find a part-time job during his retirement, but he never used technology for any part of job application process. GLAD-EDD worked with him to navigate through online job applications and use e-mail as a mode of communication. Now, he has a part-time job and is more confident in using technology.

Success stories like these are what keep us going. With your support, you’re investing in elevating the community and educating the general public about equal access. Your contribution will help us make an impact on people’s lives everyday through our services: advocacy, employment assistance, community education and outreach, and many more.

All your donation are tax-deductible so make yours today to claim the tax deduction for year 2017! There are two ways you can support:
Fill out the form below and mail it with your contribution to:

1) GLAD Annual Campaign
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2) Donate online by clicking the “Donate now” button above.

With deepest gratitude,

Dr. Patricia Hughes, CEO

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