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GLAD Supporters

With Your Support

Your support benefits GLAD’s programs by enabling us to enhance direct services, create new programs, expand public relations and community education efforts in the deaf and hard of hearing community as well as hearing sector, and increase collaborative relationships with agencies that share our mission.

In Los Angeles County alone, there are close to one million deaf and hard of hearing residents. Our highly trained, dedicated staff strives to provide resources needed to gain access towards a better quality of life. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of successes our clients have achieved.

With your financial support, we can achieve even more—by meeting the needs of newborns, children, teens, adults and senior citizens through additional programs that enhance the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people everywhere.

Cars4Causes Vehicle Donors

April Torres
Theresa Radka
Richard Clyman
Russell and Etta Stecker
Dennis and Kathleen Lee
Paul and Jennifer Stuessy

In Memory of Bennie Maucere

Bobbi Maucere
Toni Falsetta
Judie Cronlund
Richard Schoenberg
Judith De Salvio
Rachelle Friedman
Anne Wallis
Doug and Gayle Ellis
Bernard Bragg
Connie and Dorothy Marchione

In Memory of Lupe Ontiveros

Dr. Patty Hughes
Mary Rapa
Modela Kurzet
Aja Soto
Weingart Foundation
Famous Joe’s
Rachel Braver

In Memory of Joy Anne Maucere

Bernard Bragg
Buddy and Judy Price
Donald and Loretta Swanson
Freema Robbins
Lance Michael Mann
Erlinda Miller
Mary Greenstone
Janice Chisholm
Tim and Carol Nielsen
Michael and Barbara Mathis
Neila Abbott
John and Joellyn Arce
Janice Neilsen
J.B. & J.I. Neilsen
Karen Bovinette
Vincent Harnett
Herb and Roslyn Rosen
Francine Stern
Patricia Drasin
Connie Schultz
Jeff and Sheila Lenham

In Memory of Jeffrey Young

Michael Grosse
Beverly Wallstrum
Ethel and Bill Gofen
Carol M. Brown
John Harrell
J. Lawrence Grim, Jr.
Kathy M. Laberge
William M. and Cheryl A. Coulter
Vincent and Paula Baum
The Harter Family: Michael, Ellen, Holly, Harry, Peter & Shelby
Mashey Bernstein
Martin McReynolds
Keith and Carmen Taylor
Mohamed Sayed
James Benefield
Theda Cunningham
Ruth Hucklebridge
Bob and Charlotte Silverman
The Jarashow’s
Philip and Cynthia Young
Kay Ashbrook
John and Julie Kolar
Anne Stonington
Tara Sees
William and Sara Clegg
Carlo and Louise Ambrosini
Eleanor Buckingham
Michael Mouat
Laurie Jacobvitz
Pete Harrell
Marcia Livermore
Douglas Pirnie
Grant from the Dogherty Family Fund of Community Foundation, Sonoma County

Marcella M. Meyer Scholarship Fund

Fred and Debijo Lovitch
Kevin Mills
Jeff and Linda Fenner
Phyllis Frelich
Rosemary Diaz
Los Angeles Club of the Deaf
Patricia Drasin
Etta and Russell Stecker
Judith De Salvio
Carl Wildhagen
Mary, Tim, Hayley and Andrea Blockinger
Bernard Bragg
Deaf Community Center
Dr. Patricia Hughes
Jim Gulick
Gulick Family: Ann, Paul & Kathy, Vickie, Bill & Cindy, Mike & Teri
Doug and Gayle Ellis
John and Joellyn Arce
Toni Falsetta
Vilma Ridler
Pilgrim Towers Residents Association
Roz and Herb Rosen
Herb and Caroline Larson
Ellen Davidson
The Junction City Social and Rehabilitation Services c/0 Debra Germann-Taylor
Colleen Greenemeyer
Scott and Pat Shahan
S. Mark Taper Foundation
Jamie Plank
Letitia Gaston and A Oberoi
Stephen and Eileen Schultz (Celebration of Life donation)In-Kind Contributions:
Tom Willard
Laura Ripplinger