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#GLADlyGiving 2016

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What a year!

Nyle and CJ

You are part of the world that is constantly evolving and growing. Today, deaf and hard of hearing community is being recognized in media more and more. There is increase in attention for accessibility, but services are still needed. Positive exposure is one thing. Support from compassionate people like you is another. This is why Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness needs your help so we can continue to work hard to raise awareness about communication access, equal access and equal rights for everyone in all areas of life.

Pet Expo 2016

With your support, you are part of a large picture where everyone, regardless what hearing levels, will have equal access to everything. You can make a difference in someone’s life by supporting our services for community within 10 counties. You will be promoting the empowerment to deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind community.

Your contribution, big or small, will help us make an impact on people’s lives every day through our services: advocacy, employment assistance, community education and outreach and many more.

Children with Santa Claus

All donations are tax-deductible so make yours today to claim the tax deduction for 2016! There are two ways to support. You can print the form on the bottom of this page, fill it out and mail it with your contribution to:

GLAD Annual Campaign
2222 Laverna Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Or you can donate online by clicking on the button below. 2016 contribution is closed! Thank you for your support!

Hula Bella

Your gift will assist GLAD in reaching our goals to meet the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind community needs of all ages and ethnicities.


Dr. Patricia Hughes, CEO

World Womens Day

Annual Campaign FormTo print the form by itself, click on the form and it will leads you to new tab where you can print.